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A suspended ceiling can enhance the atmosphere of your premises, plus it has practical advantages:
  • makes an over-large room seem smaller
  • hides ugly pipework and beams
  • absorbs sound
  • improves the design of the room

Suspended ceilings are a cost effective solution for: heat loss, cooling a room, noise reduction, light reflection, contamination control, improving air quality and fire resistance. At Apollo Ceilings we can supply a variety of suspended ceilings in different materials.

Mineral Fibre From basic white to coloured mineral fibre suspended ceilings come in a vast range of shades and textures. The most common design of the mineral fibre suspended ceiling is set within an exposed modular system, but it can also be installed in a concealed construction.

Metal A metal suspended ceiling is an excellent cost effective choice as it has an approximate life span of at least 25 years. The durability and practicality of a metal suspended ceiling means limited maintenance and unlikely replacement costs.

This type of suspended ceiling is made of aluminium or steel and is manufactured to the highest standards. It is coated with a polyester powder to prevent against corrosion. It can also be supplied with opening panels, to allow easy access to the area above. Different areas of the ceiling can be adapted to provide different acoustic properties, so allowing for greater flexibility.

Apollo Ceilings can supply a range of custom-made metal suspended ceilings to suit the design and layout of your premises. Whether you need visual flexibility or simple practicality Apollo Ceilings has a metal suspended ceiling to meet your needs. There are endless possibilities in terms of finish, shape and size. They are particularly suitable for hygienic environments, such as hospitals or cleanrooms.

Plasterboard A plasterboard suspended ceiling gives excellent acoustic properties, is effective in humid environments, gives good fire resistance and can be supplied in several designs. Plasterboard is very versatile in terms of design and can be patterned or vinyl faced to suit most environments. It can be fitted in planks, tiles or as a seamless option.

Mineral Wool Mineral wool suspended ceilings are easy and light to install and have excellent fire resistance properties. Mineral wool can withstand a range of temperatures and keeps its thermal performance for many years. Mineral wool is the perfect environmental choice as over a 50 year period it can save up to 1,000 times the energy produced to make it.

Free Hanging A free hanging suspended ceiling can produce a really effective and dramatic feel. Either one large ceiling or several smaller hanging ceilings can be used to create a totally different original look and feel. They are suspended on cables, or from the actual building, and can give a real sense of something unique.

This type of suspended ceiling can also be used for acoustical purposes, where different levels of sound are required in different areas.

Our services include providing wall cladding, a kind of decorative covering which gives a wall the appearance of being made from a different kind of material than it actually is. Cladding can be applied to both outside and interior surfaces, and is typically intended to be permanent.

Common benefits of cladding

There are many different possible materials for cladding, including various metals, stones and composite materials. This broad choice can bolster the appeal of cladding should you wish to significantly revamp a wall’s appearance without the time and expense of having a wall or partition entirely rebuilt.

However, cladding can bring more than just cosmetic enhancements. It can, for example, improve insulation and waterproofing without adversely affecting the stability of the building’s architectural core.

Different types of cladding that we offer

Different types of cladding can also have their own aesthetic merits. For example:

  • Metal cladding comes in many different subtypes. Copper, copper alloys and bronze are especially popular metals in cladding, while aluminium is great for durability. Metal cladding also comes in various finishes – including smooth, shiny, textured, weathered and patterned
  • Masonry cladding typically mimics the appearance and feel of an exposed stone wall. This makes it a good choice if you want to bring a more historical charm to a thoroughly modern build.
  • Composite cladding, meanwhile, can combine different materials to resemble the appearance of another, more expensive material. So, it could combine asphalt and fibre cement for the look of brick, or use stained and dyed ply board for capturing the appearance of rich cherry or birch wood.

Joinery involves building objects through joining pieces of wood. This work tends to be lighter and more ornamental than that made through carpentry. With our joinery services, we at Apollo Ceilings can put together various wooden furniture, structures, toys, fittings, and other items for both domestic and commercial settings – all expertly, quickly, and within our clients’ budgets.

Why use our joinery services?

We know that, when either residences or businesses seek our joinery services, they are eager to receive a high standard of craftsmanship and a friendly and reliable service – all at a great price! We at Apollo Ceilings can provide all of this and much more. We are always careful in our choice of both materials and techniques, with an eye to ensuring that our products are built to last.

We are also routinely careful to take account of our clients’ unique needs and preferences at every stage. To this end, we make sure that whatever wooden items we build will fit right in for their intended use and environment. Adhering to regulations, such as those relating to the treatment of listed buildings, is also part and parcel of our comprehensive service.

What our joiners can make for you

Whether our joiners work in a workshop – as the non-portable, powered machinery there makes the specific task at hand easier – or on-site, the items that our joiners can make include interior and exterior doors, windows, stairs, tables, cabinets, furniture, and bookshelves. These are only a few examples of what we can provide for you – feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about how we at Apollo Ceilings could help you. We can also offer a free quotation.

Access flooring refers to structural flooring that is physically elevated above a solid substrate, such as a concrete slab – allowing for the carefully concealed accommodation of passing mechanical and electrical services. Office buildings, command centres, and data centres are among the corporate spaces where we at Apollo Ceilings can provide effective access flooring.

Common benefits of access flooring

Access floors can positively enhance a building’s functionality through allowing convenient space for air vents, wiring and data cables. This space can be carefully hidden from routine employees of the business, therefore helping to preserve the building’s aesthetic beauty and prevent cluttering.

However, this type of flooring can not only give a range of businesses the benefits of more flexible indoor spaces that take account of changes in legislation affecting the workplace. Under-floor air conditioning can also, for example, help businesses to cool their spaces more cost-effectively and, in the process, counter rising energy prices. This can also assist the companies in lowering their carbon footprints and boosting their eco-friendliness.

How we at Apollo Ceilings can especially help

Access flooring is among the many architectural solutions that we can provide. Our expert design team can utilise innovative technology to take your workplace to a new level of functionality. We can do this through integrating such elements as under-floor air conditioning, data cabling services and wiring into any access flooring build that we provide for you.

You can get the ball rolling by getting in touch with us at Apollo Ceilings for a free quote. You don’t have to wait long to start reaping the spatial, environmental and financial benefits of access flooring.

Plastering is construction or ornamentation work carried out with the use of plaster. This can be done through applying plaster to interior or exterior wall structures, or making decorative mouldings. In fact, it’s an ancient handicraft – and we can provide plasterwork of a highly accomplished standard for both domestic and commercial settings.

Different types of plastering that we can provide

The earliest evidence of plasterwork shows how primitive man erected dwellings by using sticks and plastering mud. However, modern plastering techniques are much more advanced and refined than those that our distant ancestors turned to. Here at Apollo Ceilings, we have a team with thorough experience and expertise in plastering – and you can benefit from their know-how.

We can provide both traditional lime plastering and modern gypsum or spray plastering. We can also tend to both new builds and ancient buildings, and both alterations and renovations. So, whether it’s general or specialist plastering you need, we’ve got you covered. The speed, efficiency and reliability of our plastering services can meet your needs, but we never compromise with the quality of our workmanship or the competitiveness of our pricing.

Contact us now and start enjoying the benefits

Get in touch with us for a free quote for any of our plastering services. We can address any concerns that you may have and take account of your unique circumstances. We pride ourselves on providing a truly bespoke plastering solution for each of our clients – whether the intended setting for the plastering be residential or in education, retail, leisure or any of various other sectors.